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KS2 British Prehistory – a summer of action pt2!

The summer of fantastic excavations on some of the most interesting sites from British Prehistory continues and now you can see some of what is being found! There are also some short video clips which reveal some of the life of people living in both the Mesolithic and Neolithic.

Up in North Yorkshire, the team of Dr Nick Milner and her colleagues at the Mesolithic site of Star Carr have found even more of the fantastic Red deer skulls, which are thought by many  to be part of costume which included such skulls as headdresses. The fieldwork part of the project is drawing to a close, but the work will be continuing for some time to come as, no doubt, will the discussions as to the meaning of these artefacts.

Down in the Vale of Pewsey in Wiltshire, a team from the University of Reading lead by Dr Jim Leary has been uncovering really significant things at the Marden henge monument. This monument, a contemporary of Stonehenge, is revealing evidence of more structures, which are thought to be houses. There are incredible details coming to light, including the doorways to these and some rare artefacts, such as a complete Neolithic bone pin!

Later in the week, Ian will be heading off to Wiltshire and Herefordshire to catch up with events at Marden, Avebury and Dorstone Hill, all of which we have mentioned in our blogs. Do keep an eye open for posts next week which will feature more news from these sites!


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