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Ancient Egypt

Discover artefacts the Ancient Egyptians used in this captivating hands-on workshop 
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Hands-On Fun & Learning

Like our other workshops, this one too has been carefully designed to provide exciting interactive activities, all geared to ensure children learn alongside having fun.  

After completing training to be an archaeologist, children excavate ancient Egyptian remains and consider what it was like to live in Ancient Egypt. 


This workshop is designed to meet the requirements of the KS2 curriculum and can be adapted to meet your school's needs. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and preferences.  

Children become archaeologists!

In this workshop, children become archaeologists and consider how we find out about this period of the past. They then dig for artefacts from Ancient Egypt and discover different aspects of everyday life in Ancient Egypt by exploring artefacts from different sites, what they were and what they were used for. When they have found out, they create a museum display to share their findings with the rest of the class. 

Following this, in the afternoon session children have a look at early Egyptian pottery and make their own example to decorate and keep. Among the teacher-led activities are learning to write in hieroglyphs and grinding grain to make flour!

Children in workshop

Response to this workshop has been overwhelmingly positive from both teachers and pupils alike. So why not book this memorable experience for your school? 

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The whole day was wonderful.

I thought the whole day was wonderful – the sequence of activities allowed the group to develop rapidly – there was a clear progression of skills throughout the day. The archaeological dig and the pottery activities were particularly enjoyable but I think the other activities were essential in enabling the group to get the most out of those activities. The activities develop a whole variety of skills – thinking, communicating, problem solving. At every point of the day, every child was engaged in active learning.” 

Suzanne Thomas

Garstang Community Primary School. 

We love exploring new ways of engaging children in learning and seeing the excitement on their faces as they try out these new practical activities! 

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