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Prehistory in the Peak

Prehistory of The Peak - Stone Close


A whole day workshop travelling around the Peak District visiting some of the most interesting and indicative sites from the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age. This CPD workshop is aimed at KS2 teachers teaching the Stone Age to Iron Age and will give a good grounding in these often tricky to grasp and vast periods of time.


The Peak District is home to archaeological sites of all periods, and prehistory is no exception. With over 300 Bronze Age Barrows, its very own ‘Stonehenge of the North” and forts of the Iron Age whose origins may go back into the Neolithic, all set within the landscapes of the UK’s first National Park, this will be a day to remember. Transport will be provided throughout the day, starting and finishing in Buxton.


The workshop will take place on alternate Fridays between 20th May and 12th August 2022.

May       20th        

June      3rd           17th

July        1st           15th         29th

Aug        12th

Please contact us if you have any questions or to make a booking! 

What Does The Day Involve?

We will spend the day travelling through a landscape that has seen human activity over thousands of years. We’ll be stopping at a number of sites and asking you to answer these questions: 

  • ​What’s the story here? 

  • How is this typical of the period in question?

  • How does this reflect the curriculum?


Each day will have a maximum of 6 participants and will involve driving and walking short distances at each stop. Each participant will have a workbook to answer the questions posed and keep notes and observations about the day. The walking will involve trackways, farm tracks, trekking across what may be muddy fields, and a couple of moderately steep climbs. There will be stiles and gateways to be negotiated, and there may be livestock in fields. 

  • ​We believe in learning through experience, and in order to teach your students effectively, you will be able to use your experience of the sites that you will visit during the day. 

  • As a result of completing the study day, you’ll be able to link what you see/learn to classroom activity. Even though your local sites may be different from ours, they will contain common elements. 

The Cost

The cost for the day is £85 per person and includes all materials and resources. Refreshments are not included, and you are advised to bring enough water/drinks as you feel you need. You can bring a packed lunch or we can arrange to stop at a pub for lunch en-route. 

Prehistory of The Peak - Five Wells

CPD Bookings

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