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The Anglo-Saxons and Vikings

An engaging interactive workshop to enable children to learn and understand the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings whilst also having fun. 

Hands-On Fun & Learning

Jam-packed with hands-on activities to ensure children are engaged and learning throughout the workshop.

This workshop is designed to meet the requirements of the KS2 curriculum and can be adapted to meet your school's needs.


Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and preferences.  

Part 1

viking helmets

In the first part of the workshop, children start to understand how we find out about the past. They become archaeologists and excavate artefacts that once belonged to and were used by the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings.  

They consider what they were and how they were used, and the similarities and differences between these two groups of people that lived (and fought) in the early medieval period. 

Once they have researched the objects they discovered, the children share what they have found with the rest of the class. 

Image by Alex Jones

Part 2

The second part of the workshop sees children stepping back in time to find out more about what it would’ve been like to live in these times. They become Anglo-Saxon potters, and through teacher-led activities learn how to read and write runes, grind grain and weave clothes, and even re-enact a battle! 

Response to this workshop has been overwhelmingly positive from both teachers and pupils alike. So why not book this memorable experience for your school? 

Workshop Gallery

Creative, engaging & well explained

“9/10! The excavation and pottery making were practical, hands-on, creative, engaging and well explained. It was practical and hands on, creative,  engaging and well explained. The children learnt about the role of an archaeologist and the different stages of how artefacts are researched and inform us about the period”.

Rina Shah, Yr 3 Teacher

Westminster Primary School, Handsworth.

We love exploring new ways of engaging children in learning and seeing the excitement on their faces as they try out these new practical activities! 

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