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Archaeology Tours in the Peak District


We currently provide a number of archaeological tours based here in the Peak District.


We are extremely lucky to live within a landscape that has meant the remains of many periods of time are reflected all around us. Once you know what you are looking for, you will never look at the landscape in the same way again! 

Choose from our general Archaeology in the Peaks tour, Prehistory in the Peak, or 10,000 Year in a Day.


Archaeology of the Peaks

A whole day driving tour that takes in sites from different periods - prehistory, Roman, medieval and post-medieval in order to give you a taste of how rich the heritage record is here in the Peak District

9 stone close.JPG

in the Peak

A whole day driving tour travelling around the Peak District visiting some of the most interesting and indicative sites from the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.


10,000 Years
In A Day

A one-day walking journey to learn what the Peak District landscape can teach us about the past over the last 10000 years and visit sites from the end of the Ice Age to WW2.

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