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Pieces of The Past

An interactive workshop that gives children a fascinating glimpse of a range of periods of the past. 

Hands-On Fun & Learning

Like all our other workshops this one has been carefully planned to provide exciting hands-on activities, all geared to ensure children learn alongside having fun.  

This workshop is designed to meet the requirements of the KS2 curriculum and can be adapted to meet your school's needs. Please contact us to discuss your particular needs and preferences.  

Part 1

children excavating

After learning how to think like an archaeologist, and completing their training, children excavate artefacts from a range of periods of the past.  

Can they work out if the objects in their trench belong to the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, or the Iron Age; are Ancient Egyptian, Ancient Greek, or Roman; or were once used by the Anglo-Saxons or Vikings? How will they know? 

After finding out the children share their findings with the rest of the class creating a class museum for all to visit. 

Part 2

pots made by children

Children can then become experimental archaeologists by taking part in activities that you can hand-pick from some of our other workshops. 


Will they work out how people made the first-ever pottery or how people made string before string was invented? Or perhaps you will want them to learn how to read Anglo Saxon runes, try their hand at making Roman pottery or realise how difficult it would have been to grind grain in order to make bread. 

Response to this workshop has been overwhelmingly positive from both teachers and pupils alike. So why not book this memorable experience for your school? 

Workshop Gallery

Gave the children a sense of purpose

“It really gave the children a sense of purpose and they thoroughly enjoyed making their own discoveries and hypothesizing what kind of people would have used their finds and what they were used for.” 

Charlotte Edwards

Holmesdale Community Infant School, Reigate.

We love exploring new ways of engaging children in learning and seeing the excitement on their faces as they try out these new practical activities! 

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