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Archaeology Workshops

Our archaeology workshops for schools complement the National Curriculum, enrich pupils learning, enable children to meet real archaeologists, and give you the WOW factor!

What We Do

We provide archaeology workshops for schools that complement the National Curriculum and enrich pupils learning. 

Our workshops typically include a mini-excavation, handling replica and real artefacts, making a mini-museum, pot making, and craft activities to help children experience what life might have been like in the past. They are delivered by Ian or Catherine who are both experienced archaeologists and qualified teachers. 

Complementing Your Teaching

We will provide you with a great workshop to complement your teaching of the history syllabus, and an archaeological workshop is just the thing to engage your class’s interest from the outset. Tackling periods from The Stone Age to The Vikings, we guarantee that WOW factor! 

​All our workshops address History learning objectives, such as developing an awareness of the past, chronological understanding, and using a wide vocabulary of historical terms. We actively encourage children to ask and answer questions and to identify similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods.

Meet Real Archaeologists!

Of course, our workshops also give children the chance to understand how we know about the past. They will use real archaeological tools, handle genuine and reproduction artefacts, and meet real archaeologists! 

Both Catherine and Ian are actively involved in archaeological fieldwork, making their own discoveries from all periods of the past. 

Meet Multiple Curriculum Objectives

Depending on the Key Stage, workshop, and your specific needs, a number of other curriculum objectives can also be explicitly addressed. This could include a range of subjects such as Geography (e.g. using maps, developing fieldwork skills), Science (e.g. gathering and recording data), and Maths (e.g. measurement). 

Bespoke Workshops

As well as the ‘off the shelf’ workshops described in the following pages we can develop and deliver bespoke workshops so please contact us to discuss your requirements. 

The Cost

We provide either a 1/2 day or a whole day archaeology workshop for schools. The cost of a 1/2 day workshop is £225 and a full day is £395. The cost includes all materials and resources. These costs are based on up to around 60 children per workshop (e.g. two classes). When the number of participants is more than this, please contact us to discuss options. 

Travel expenses are extra at 50p per mile. 

The Audience

Whilst the focus of our workshops is on the KS2 curriculum, they can all be adapted to meet the needs of KS1 pupils and KS3 pupils.


Each of our workshop pages contains testimonials from our happy customers or take a look at a selection, below.


Stone Age to
Iron Age

An enthralling hands-on journey through prehistory taking in the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Iron Age. Learn the art of excavation, then step back in time to experience some of the intricacies of life ‘before history’. 

Greek Ancient Sculpture of Warrior

The Ancient 

Become archaeological detectives in this exciting educational game of ‘Guess Who’ focused on some of the people who lived in Ancient Greece. A workshop jam packed with activities to engage and enthuse. 

Image by Ilona Frey


Train to be an archaeologist and excavate real and replica Roman artefacts. Then become a Roman potter, maker of mosaics and much more, to understand a little something of Romani vita



A fun, absorbing and interactive workshop that introduces children to the fascinating and enigmatic world of the ancient Egyptians through discovering the objects they left behind. 

Image by Kristijan Arsov

and Vikings

Learn about the early medieval period in Britain and the peoples that came to our shores in this engaging hands-on workshop. Excavate Anglo-Saxon and Viking objects, explore their similarities and differences, make Anglo-Saxon pottery, read runes and even re-enact a battle. 

Image by Hulki Okan Tabak

Pieces of 
The Past

A fascinating workshop giving a little bit of an insight into many periods of the past. Learn how to be an archaeologist, excavate the artefacts and work out which objects belong to which period in time. 

Everyone was actively involved all day!

“Doing the archaeological dig in the school grounds meant that the children were really engaged and excited about what they might find! Trying to piece bits of pottery together – the children just loved seeing the object start to form. Being an archaeologist and using the correct techniques was fantastic! There are several children at the school with special needs and all the activities were very hands-on and all the children were able to participate. Catherine has a lovely manner and the children respond well to her. She is an excellent speaker and all the staff and children have thoroughly enjoyed here visit, she is welcome again anytime!“

Annette Froggatt

Fitzherbert Primary School, Fenny Bentley

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