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We're ready to go with this year's CPD days for Teachers!

It's time to announce the dates for this year's CPD days for teachers. We are offering two workshops this year - Prehistory in the Peak and 10,000 Years in a day. Each will offer the chance to experience some of the fantastic archaeological sites and landscape of the Peak District and get ideas on how you can use them in your schemes of work. Our hope is that these workshops will stimulate discussions during the day that will result in a deeper understanding of how archaeology can used in the classroom.

The Peak District has some of the best preserved prehistoric sites in the country. This workshop will visit a range of them to help you explore more of this subject. These sites will facilitate discussions on different themes such as religion, subsistence, movement and technology.

In a quiet corner of the Peak District we will take a walk through a landscape which holds clues to both how our ancestors understood their surroundings and how they traces all around if yow what to look for. There will be evidence from the end of the last Ice Age through to WW2. The site in the image here is one which has produced evidence from several periods including the Neolithic and amongst the finds in the cave was a headless dog!

The aim of this workshop is to help you develop resources to include the use of local landscapes in your schemes of work, and not just for history.

If you would like to book a book a workshop place - just 6 places per workshop - then email us now!


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