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Stone Age to Iron Age in Cheshire

What a wonderful day we had in Cheshire!

Armed with our trenches, tools and artefacts, Dr Ian Parker Heath (trusty archaeologist husband and colleague) and I, made our acquaintance with Lower KS 2 at Offley Primary School in Sandbach. We explored prehistory from the Palaeolithic to the coming of the Romans, covering what the new primary history curriculum calls ‘Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age’.

After ‘training’ to get the children thinking like archaeologists, we excavated a range of objects, analysed them and gave some thought to what they might be telling us about how people lived in the past. The children then created displays of their artefacts for each other to visit, finishing off with an interactive story to bring some of our ideas together.

Not only did we (Ian and I) have a great time, it seems from the comments we received that the children and teachers did too!:

“We had a superb day, it was great having you both here! Thank you for all the hard work you put into the sessions.” “The children learnt so much…not only reinforcing previous learning but developing new ideas and learning about specific uses of artefacts and perhaps more importantly how we today are able to piece the story together of how our ancestors lived and developed.” Simon Mason, Y3 & 4 teacher


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