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Life During Lockdown and After.

Updated: Oct 19, 2021


Well we’re in to week 9 of lockdown life here. Of course as soon as the word came, we couldn’t work in schools, or with vulnerable people. We were due to take part in a community excavation next month, but because of the risks posed, we couldn’t proceed. So that has now been postponed until next year.

We’ve looked at how everyone is responding to ever changing situation and it looks to us as if people in general and schools in particular are cautious about re-opening, and we concur with this approach. We do not expect to be running workshops until Sept at the very earliest.

In the meantime, we have made some changes to the website and added new resources for teachers and children alike. Do have a look at them.

We are also developing a CPD day for teachers and hope to launch this in the autumn. We can’t tell you to much about it, but it isn’t going to be indoors!

Everyone stay safe out there!

Catherine & Ian


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