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Art, Cave Art and Prehistory: A Study day.

It might not be everyone’s idea of a great way to spend a Saturday, especially if its your day off, but I’m really impressed at a study day which has been organised by the Lifelong Learning Team at the University of Southampton.

The day has something for everyone who wants to know more about art in prehistory. There are short talks from 6 leading experts in the field and they will be talking about art from the Palaeolithic to the ‘Celtic’ art of the Iron Age and from Portugal to Croatia.  I think this would be an ideal taster day for KS2/3 teachers who want to know just a little bit more about art in prehistory and have the chance  to talk to some real experts on the subject.

The event will be held on the Avenue Campus on Highfield Rd Southampton on the 7th March. Full details can be found here:


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