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The Trojans back at Derby High School!

Well, ok, this workshop took place way back in September 2013, but I now have some photos to share with you and have a found a few minutes to sit down and write about it!

The workshop, designed to support the Y9s topic on the Trojan War, followed much the same format as the previous year (see The Trojan War at Derby High School:  The day began with the aim of introducing archaeology and the way archaeologists think with two activities – Archaeology is Rubbish and Archaeologists of the Future.

Following this, the Human Timeline and Stratigraphy activities enabled the girls to place the Trojan War within a wide chronological framework and begin to understand how archaeologists can date the artefacts they find.

They were then ready to excavate Ancient Troy…

Thanks to Sharon Matthews and the girls at Derby High School, especially for your thorough feedback. Ian and I are glad you enjoyed your day!


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