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Community Heritage is Digging Deeper at Under Whitle

In addition to running workshops for schools, one of the things we do is work with groups on community heritage projects. This summer we are returning to Under Whitle near Longnor in Staffordshire to work with the Tudor Farming Interpretation Group (TFIG) to continue the search for a medieval house that began with Peeling Back The Layers in 2016. This time the focus is just on the medieval and not more modern aspects of the farmstead’s history. If you want to find out more on the beginnings of our search and what we found in 2016, do follow the link.

Community heritage in action!

Back in 2016 the project came close to finding evidence of the earliest building on the farmstead, including some daub – used to cover the timber framework of a house – but it oxidised almost immediately once it was exposed to the air. This year the TFIG and a group of volunteers, including from minority communities in Sheffield, are going to resume the search on what we believe to be a medieval platform or terrace. In the image here are the TFIG Chair Elspeth Walker and volunteers Richard & Angela during the 2106 excavation.

This year the project is also going to be working with environmental archaeologists to work across a number areas on the farmstead to gather soil and peat samples which will give us clues to the past environment – particularly on the range of crops grown and hopefully more dating evidence!

In the meantime several of the group are continuing their research on the occupants of Under Whitle and are uncovering more of their stories, which give us more insight into the lives of ordinary people. If you are thinking of doing your own community heritage project do get it touch!

You can Tweet the project @DigWhitle and email them at


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