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KS1 in Biddulph and Buxton

Working with KS1 children requires adapting a standard workshop without losing the integrity of a ‘genuine’ archaeological experience.  In other words, I work hard to deliver workshops that are engaging and accessible to young minds, whilst not allowing it to turn into a ‘treasure hunt’ or ‘lucky-dip’ type of activity.  It is also important not to limit children: I am very often amazed by the grasp some 4 & 5 year olds have on the concept of the past and how we can say something about people from the objects they used.  Getting this balance though is tricky and certainly keeps me on my toes!

Here are some of the latest comments from Teachers, TAs and Students at St Anne’s RC Primary School in Buxton:

“The content was nicely structured with listening, thinking and doing.”

“Multi-sensory, inclusive and child friendly”

“Child-friendly, correct level, good variety, kept class’ interest”

“The digging in the trenches seemed to capture the children’s imagination. It kept them occupied for the full time and facilitated a lot of discussion in the groups. The range of tools was excellent and the sorting of objects encouraged them to think.”

“Vast speaking and listening opportunities: 1-1, pairs, groups and whole class discussions”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the session and the children did too!”

“Had a great time, thank you, very worthwhile.”

“Loved your session”.

I take the feedback I receive very seriously and take on board any suggestions.  I will certainly be colour-coding my bowls for future work with KS1.

Thank you, to all at St Anne’s.

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