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Exciting Egyptians in Doncaster for KS1

What a great day we had at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Catholic Primary School in Doncaster!

Recently back from excavating in Egypt ;-), Dr Catherine and Dr Ian  were keen to train a new generation of archaeologists and Egyptologists.  Starting with training in how archaeologists think and analyse evidence, followed by an activity teaching how archaeologists go about dating artefacts, the ‘trainees’ were soon ready to dig up Ancient Egyptian artefacts themselves.

The training must have been spot on because the newly qualified Egyptologists excavated very carefully and drew some very detailed pictures of the artefacts they had found. They were then able to help tell the story of Nefertiti and Akenaten (Aken who?) illustrating how artefacts can be lost, thrown away and buried only to to be discovered thousands of years later by archaeologists!

Thank you Mrs Seddon and all the other KS1 teachers and teaching assistants for inviting us and sharing the day with us! Your comments say it all…

” What a fun and exciting day!… [the] children were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed all activities”

This workshop follows a new format specially designed for KS1, but also suitable for KS2, where story-telling at the end of the workshop helps bring together the ideas explored. If you are interested in a similar workshop for your school, don’t hesitate to contact me. Workshops can be adapted to suit a variety of topics form the Neolithic to modern times!


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