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Classics Day in Loughborough

I was privileged enough to be invited to take part in the Year 9 Classics Day at Loughborough High School.

Designed to encourage the girls to think about the relevance of Classics beyond the classroom and to try to promote the three Classical subjects (Latin, Greek, Classical Civilisation) that they offer at GCSE, the day involved a number of workshops focusing on different ways of engaging with the Classical World.

Alongside in-house workshops and one delivered by Sonya Nevin of Roehampton University on animating Ancient Greek vases (check out the Panoply website for details of this fascinating approach), my workshop, perhaps unsurprisingly, concentrated on Ancient Greek and Roman Archaeology.

Each group of girls attended a one hour workshop that gave them a taste of the kind of artefacts uncovered at Classical sites and time to think about what these artefacts can tell us about how people lived.

A local partnership primary school was also invited to take part, and they did with much enthusiasm!

“Your workshops were magnificent and so many of my year 9 pupils have already told me how much they enjoyed their session with you. The KS2 workshop was brilliant too… I hope that we can work together in the future…” “…It was all excellent. The introduction using the bag of evidence engaged the pupils’ interest immediately. The trenches were fabulous and the range of artefacts to be uncovered was very impressive and clearly carefully planned. The pupils were able to make appropriate deductions for themselves It was all super!”
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