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Calling KS3 History teachers in Manchester!

While we specialize in archaeology here at Enrichment, we’re not averse to giving mentions to heritage-related events that catch our eye. There’s one coming up in Manchester which we like the look of.

It takes place on Sunday the 5th July at the Angel Inn, Rochdale Rd in the Northern Quarter. Co-produced by the Band on the Wall and Edward II ( a folk/roots reggae fusion band much loved by Ian) it details and draws upon the social history Manchester in the 19th century. At the heart of the event is a series of songs known as the Manchester Broadsides which were produced in Manchester during the industrial revolution. The info on the Band on the Wall website tells us that:

“the songs tell of hardship, politics, social justice and good times as experienced in the nineteenth century. Often a way of spreading news, promoting events, places or businesses or spreading a political or social message, these songs were designed to have a short shelf life and as such were printed on cheap paper and distributed at the markets around what is now the northern quarter of the city.” (Band On the Wall)

The event is free and features music, presentations and displays. Follow the Band on the Wall link above for more details and links to tickets. We may well see you there!


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