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Calling all KS2 teachers! Prehistory in the Primary Curriculum Online Survey

For the first time since the National Curriculum was put in place, prehistory is now part of the Primary History Curriculum.  Of course, for us archaeologists this is good news; it is something for which the Council for British Archaeology (CBA) has been campaigning for years.

Recently, a group of like-minded archaeologists and educators met at The Hive in Worcester, to discuss how best we might be able to support teachers in an area of the curriculum they may never have taught before. The feeling from the group was that there are specialists out there who can and who are willing to provide a framework and resources for the teaching of this topic.

This short survey is your chance to tell us your thoughts!  By answering the 10 questions below, you can help us develop a framework and resources that will work for you as teachers.

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