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Britain’s Most Spectacular Henge?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Last week saw the latest episode of BBC 4’s Digging for Britain. If you missed it, then you missed out on seeing what could prove to be the discovery of a lifetime for many, if not all the Archaeologists involved in  the project.

The site is near Woodbridge, a small coastal town in Suffolk. In what began as a seemingly straightforward infrastructure project, a geophysical survey showed something of interest. What emerged from the initial excavations was a large ditch, some 15 metres wide. Quite some sized ditch I think you’ll agree. This in itself was quite impressive, but what followed was even more so. 

Excavations at Woodbridge are underway.

The impressive henge ditch emerges

The ditch proved to have some interesting contents, and the date the archaeologists were able to secure were remarkable. I can’t say too much without giving the game away. Now if you want to know more you’ll need to watch the segment on the project in the Digging for Britain episode which begins at 13 mins in. It is available for 25 days.


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