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Anglo-Saxons at The Croft

Last Thursday, I returned to the Croft Primary School in Rugeley, Staffordshire, to deliver a workshop to Y5 to support the teaching of their ‘Treasure Island’ topic.

Being only a few miles away from where the Staffordshire Hoard was found, meant that a focus on the Anglo-Saxons was perfect for this occasion.

After considering what ‘treasure’ is, and discussing how even the most seemingly insignificant objects can be treasure for archaeologists, the children were ‘trained’ in archaeological concepts and processes. We then set about excavating a variety of Anglo-Saxon objects, to see what they could tell us about Anglo-Saxon life. These included items such as animal bones, loom-weights, pottery inscribed with runes (which they had to translate) as well as weapons and jewellery. After analysing the finds through careful observation and drawing, we ended by creating little museum displays for each other to visit.

What a great time we had! Thank you, for inviting me back again.


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