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Stonehenge on the TV: can we ever have enough?

Photographing the joints on the top of one of the uprights.

Members of the 2009 Stonehenge Riverside Project photographing the joints on the top of one of the uprights.

Once again the nation’s favourite prehistoric monument features on TV with the Timewatch documentary that considers the many, and it must be said varied, interpretations of the site. I think I might be right in thinking this is a repeat, but nonetheless it is always worth reminding ourselves of just what we think it might be all about.

Over the years there have been a lot of words written and spoken about Stonehenge, what was it for, how was it built, let alone why? The Timewatch programme adds to the list of our visual records by compiling evidence from over 70 years of television and film footage from its own archive. Presented by Prof. Alice Roberts, recently seen in The Celts, this programme has the added attraction, as if it needed any, of including three of the current leading experts on the subject – Mike Pitts, Tim Darvill and Mike Parker Pearson. Of course, each has their own theory and all cannot be right, can they? It is always enjoyable to watch them tussle over ‘the facts’ of the case, but who is to decide which of them is correct? Over to you!

Stonehenge: A Timewatch Guide airs tonight on BBC4 at 9.00pm. Set your recorders.


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