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Busy September

September was a whirlwind of a month.  We’re already well into October and this is the first time I have had chance to sit down and blog!  It looks like this month might hold more of the same.  Not that I am complaining though – far from it.  There’s nothing like being busy doing the things you enjoy.

Archaeology workshops have taken me to Bedford, Atherton and Derby, where groups of KS2 and KS3 children have investigated the Egyptians, the Anglo Saxons and the Trojans. Many of these visits have been repeat visits too – so thank you for inviting me back.  When I get a moment (and the photos from those involved), I will give more details of the activities.  Feel free then to replicate them in the classroom or at home with your own children.

Work with Sheffield Industrial Museums Trust has also played its part in keeping me fully occupied.  Here I have been working with a group of very talented people to revise the learning programme.  Based on evidence and a thorough review of the previous programme, as well as listening hard to feedback from children and teachers, our revisions are ensuring that children receive a truly high quality, fun, learning experience, even if our Victorian Workhouse might scare them a little! (Apparently, I can be quite a scary Victorian school teacher when I put my mind to it!).  If you are involved with a school in and around Sheffield, why not have a look at the website.  Our workshops can still provide the experience you need, even with the changes in the National Curriculum.

I am also having a whale of a time teaching GCSE Ancient History and Classical Civilisation. It has been great to re-read Homer and get to grips with Alexander the Great again. Thinking about what elements of Spartan education might be legal or illegal today is also providing food for thought.  Actually, that’s reminding me a little of that Victorian workhouse…


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