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Social Media & Podcasts

We’ve gathered together some of what we think are the more informative podcasts and social media that will help you get to grips with the archaeological world. We do know some of those involved, but don’t hold that against us.

Early Humans


A History of the World in 100 Objects

Join former director of the British Museum Dr Neil MacGregor as he takes on the history of the world and looks at just 100 objects he believes have shaped our history.

A Career in Ruins  

The Career in Ruins podcast gives a unique take on the world as seen by archaeologists. Presenters Lawrence Shaw and Derek Pitman take you on a journey around the world that’s drawn from their experiences exploring the past. The podcast features interviews with archaeologists, heritage professionals and those with a keen eye on the past to offer an insight behind the scenes of how histories are constructed and how the past is brought into the present.

British Museum

Of course they were bound to have one! Follow the monthly podcast hosted by Iszi Lawrence, who you can also follow on Twitter. Episode 12 features our friend Dr Alexandra Fletcher talking about her career and more!

Cuneiform Writing

From the Archaeological Institute of America – learn about the world’s first writing and how it transformed a society.

Neolithic Revelations

Join part of the R4 series Free Thinking and guests Dr’s Jim Leary and Penny Bickle as they discuss recent research on the Neolithic period in Britain. You will be surprised!

Origin Stories

This is The Leakey Foundation podcast. named after Louis Leakey, a pioneer in the search for our human ancestry. If you are interested in the history of the search for our earliest ancestors and the original ‘Out of Africa’ story, here’s a good place to start.

You’re Dead To Me!

Comedian Greg Jenner takes a look at the past with experts from around the world. You may be surprised to find that among the subjects here are Stonehenge, Neanderthals, the Ancient Olympics and the Aztecs.

The Prehistory Guys 

Two guys and a campervan who explore Britain’s prehistoric past. Films and podcasts available.


Neanderthal’s and their Wild Woodland World

A new podcast featuring Dr Rebecca Wragg Sykes who gives us a glimpse into the world of Neanderthal humans 126,000 years ago. Well worth a listen.

The Anglo-Saxon England podcast by Thomas Kearns is a useful introduction and guide to the world of post-Roman Britain and the impact newcomers had over the following centuries.

Neanderthals among mammoths: excavations at Lynford Quarry, Norfolk, UK


Here are some of the Twitter accounts we think would help you.

@Jamie_Woodward_ For tweets ice age and human past related (he’s a prof!)

@urbanprehisto – looking at how prehistory can appear in the unlikeliest of places

@Pottedhistory - Experimental archaeologist specialising in pots from prehistory.

@Clonehenge – exactly what it sounds like – a look at ‘henges’ from around the world!

@MustFarm – Bronze Age site we love!

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