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Re-defining, Re-designing

I have being having a rethink about Enrichment Through Archaeology lately: what I want to do and where I want to be in the future.  Actually a lot of this came about through being asked to be a judge for the West Derbyshire Young Enterprise Company of the Year Competition.  There’s nothing quite like being given a list of criteria by which to judge other companies to make you sit up and apply the same list to your own!

So, whilst ‘Archaeology Education’ is still the name of the game, I have now made sure the focus (for now at least) is on children and young people.  I have also expanded my client base to include museums, and as well as developing and delivering one off workshops, I am available to teach whole courses, whether following GCSE or AS/A Level curricula or tailor-made courses, more in keeping with the enrichment work I have done with Calow Primary School and Fitzherbert Primary School.  I am also keen to develop archaeological walks around the Peak District aimed at families, complete with artefacts and hands-on activities.

To this end, I have changed my website a little.  Whilst I have retained the styles and the wonderful illustrations by Buxton artist Martin Olsson, I have changed some of the content to make it more personal to me.  After all, it is me, although I do use other archaeologists and educators when necessary.  Whilst there are still some tweaks to be made and things I still want to add, I hope that it is easy to navigate and gives potential clients the information they need.

If you happen to be one of those potential clients, and this is not the case, constructive criticism is always welcome!


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