Workshops for Key Stage 3 & 4

For TeachersArchaeology workshops for Key Stage 3 & 4 pupils place an increasing emphasis on developing critical thinking.  More independence than at previous Key Stages can be given to pupils, working in teams, to find out information and develop conclusions that can be justified.

My workshops can be the perfect complement to the History programme of study in KS3 and to the GCSE History programme of study in KS4.  Depending on my current commitments, it is also possible for me to provide a GCSE Ancient History or GCSE Classical Civilisation programme for pupils (unfortunately, AQA no longer offers GCSE Archaeology). To discuss your options in full contact me using the form below to discuss your options in full.

As well as the obvious connection with History, Archaeology also provides the perfect arena in which to develop Functional Skills and can be a great way to teach and develop Personal Learning and Thinking Skills.  If this is what you and your school require, workshops can be tailored to these ends.

Although archaeology appeals to and engages children of all abilities, workshops with a focus on forming knowledge can be used to stretch and reward Gifted & Talented pupils.

Examples of workshops suitable for Key Stage 3 & 4:

Archaeology is Rubbish
A workshop that focuses on archaeological concepts and processes such as material culture, stratigraphy, chronology, excavation and finds analysis. Lots of opportunity to use the tools of the trade and handle genuine artefacts ranging from the Neolithic to the 20th century.

Reconstructing Archaeology
A workshop that introduces archaeological concepts processes and artefacts, includes a mini mock-excavation and, after analysing the evidence, allows time for making objects such as Bronze Age beakers, Food Vessels, Prehistoric spears and arrows, Roman mortaria and Samian Ware.

Archaeology on your Doorstep
A walking field trip in the vicinity of your school. Hands-on activities along the way and lots to get young minds thinking. Bring along a packed lunch and have a day out without the added expense of a coach.  A real journey of discovery.  Read more…

See price list for details and have a look at examples of workshops I have done with other schools.

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