KS2 Cave Painting lesson plan

Cave Painting
Cave art, picture courtesy of: DaBler (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
One of the most exciting challenges for KS2 learners is learning about cave painting in prehistory! It’s also a challenge for teachers! So, to help out we have a lesson plan ready for you to use.

Free Cave Painting Lesson Plan

Our fantastic free lesson plan comes complete with National Curriculum links, learning objectives and expected outcomes. Clicking on the link opens the lesson as a PDF document. You can then save it to wherever you want. Click on the link now!

Make your own cave painting!

Make it more realistic!

You could make the lesson more realistic by creating ‘caves’ in the classroom. You could try putting blankets over tables and painting upside down! Remember, these are cave paintings and they were created in the deep gloom of dark caves – how dark can you make the classroom?

If you like this lesson plan enough to download it please spend a minute to let us know why! We really appreciate the feedback.


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