Workshops for Key Stage 1

For TeachersEnrichment Through Archaeology will provide you with a great Key Stage 1 workshop to complement your teaching of history syllabus!

From teaching about changes within living memory to the often-taught topics, a Key Stage 1  archaeological workshop is just the thing to engage your class’s interest from the outset. Tackling subjects such as the Great Fire of London and lives of significant individuals (e.g. Florence Nightingale, Queen Victoria), we guarantee that WOW factor!

Our local study workshop tap into significant historical events in your locality. You can use our workshops to introduce children to historical periods that they will then go on to study in more detail later e.g. Egyptians, Ancient Greeks, Romans etc.

All workshops address History learning objectives, such as developing an awareness of the past, chronological understanding and using a wide vocabulary of everyday historical terms. We actively encourage children to ask and answer questions and to identify similarities and differences between ways of life in different periods.

Of course, they also give children at Key stage 1 the chance to understand how we know about the past. They will use real archaeological tools, handle genuine and reproduction artefacts. And meet real archaeologists!

Depending on the Key Stage 1 workshop and your specific needs, a number of other curriculum objectives can also be explicitly addressed. This will include a range of subjects such as Geography (e.g. using maps, developing fieldwork skills), Science (e.g. gathering and recording data) and Maths (e.g. measurement).

The wonderful thing about many of my Key Stage 1 workshops is that they can be differentiated by outcome. At the heart of what I do is place an emphasis on children creating their own interpretations. After giving them some basic instruction on how to look at artefacts and think like an archaeologist, I encourage children to consider why they have interpreted an object in a certain way.  There are no right or wrong answers, only those that are more probable than others.

Example of a Key Stage 1 workshop:

Archaeology is Rubbish:
Children start with the familiar and begin by looking at things recently discarded.  As a group, we put our heads together and attempt to say something about the people who once used the items. This introduces the children to how ‘things’ tell part of a story and how archaeologists try to reconstruct the past.

From this point we excavate artefacts in our own mini-excavations, ‘analyse’ them through close observation, make drawings and give our explanations.  Children have the chance to dress-up as archaeologists in yellow jackets and use archaeological tools.  I will use artefacts associated with your current history topic to vividly illustrate key points.

This is best delivered as a 2 hour workshop but could be condensed into 1 hour. See price list for details and have a look at some examples of workshops we have done with other schools.

Here’s what one teacher said of a Key Stage 1 workshop:

It really gave the children a sense of purpose and they thoroughly enjoyed making their own discoveries and hypothesizing what kind of people would have used their finds and what they were used for.” Charlotte Edwards, Holmesdale Community Infant School, Reigate.

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