Prices include a workshop for up to 40 students, initial consultation (including any face-to-face meetings), all resources, lesson plans and risk assessments within a twenty mile radius of Buxton, Derbyshire, including the whole of the Peak District National Park.  After this distance, I will charge 45p per mile travelled.  For numbers greater than 40, I will bring another experienced archaeologist with me, to ensure learning is not compromised.  There will be an additional cost for this (usually half the cost of the workshop again). Discounts are also available.  Please contact me for further details.

Below are examples.  I am flexible, and after talking with you, I will provide a workshop that is tailor-made to you and your circumstances.

1 hour workshops – £90

E.g. Introduction to Archaeology
A workshop jam-packed with activities to introduce your learners to archaeological concepts, processes and artefacts.

2 hour workshops – £170

E.g. Archaeology of the Stone Age to Iron Age
A workshop that focuses on prehistory, looking at evidence for people in Britain from the Palaeolithic (Old Stone Age), Mesolithic (Middle Stone Age) Neolithic (New Stone Age), Bronze Age and Iron Age. With activities geared to helping children understand archaeological concepts and processes, there is lots of opportunity to use the tools of the trade to excavate and handle genuine and reproduction artefacts from prehistory, all finished off with an interactive story.

3 hour workshops – £240

E.g. Reconstructing Archaeology
A workshop that introduces archaeological concepts processes and artefacts, includes a mini mock-excavation and, after analysing the evidence, allows time for making pottery such as Neolithic Grooved Ware, Bronze Age beakers, Food Vessels, Roman mortaria and Samian Ware.

4 hour workshops – £300

E.g. The Trojan War
A workshop that covers the majority of the school day enabling your class to learn archaeological concepts and processes and then excavate and interpret the remains of Late Bronze Age Greece and Troy.  Your learners end the day by presenting their findings to their classmates, other year groups and parents.

5 hour workshops – £350

E.g. Archaeology on your Doorstep
A walking field trip in the vicinity of your school.  Hands-on activities along the way and lots to get young minds thinking.  Bring along a packed lunch and have a day out without the added expense of a coach.  A real journey of discovery.

Whole Day/Whole School workshops – from £500 (for 2 archaeologists)

E.g. Archaeology Day
A whole day involving archaeology, what could be better?! Archaeologist-led workshops alongside classroom activities designed to be used by teachers.  Using a range of real and replica artefacts dating from the Palaeolithic to modern times, there’s enough to keep you and your pupils occupied from morning bell until home-time.  Activities include mini-excavation and artefact analysis, and an experimental pottery-making workshop.  Can include a whole school assembly to introduce the day.  Suitable for Reception up to and including Y6, with varying levels of adult support.

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