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For ParentsYou and your child/ren may or may not (yet!) have a passion for archaeology.  Time Team may or may not have been top of your TV viewing list.  Still, there is no denying it – archaeology is fascinating.

Archaeology is about us – human beings – who we are, and how and why we are as we are today.  Archaeologists discover knowledge about human beings through studying past material culture, i.e. the physical things that have been left behind.  This also includes exploring the environments that people may have used and manipulated.

Because archaeology is about human beings, it cannot help but cover the whole range of human experience, should you want it to.  Arguably, this is the reason why the whole National Curriculum can be pretty much covered via the discipline of Archaeology.  Your child/ren not only gain invaluable knowledge but also begin to see where “real-life” connections are made across usual subject boundaries.  This actually complements and enhances many approaches schools are taking at the moment and can be great fun.

If your child is interested in archaeology, but his or her school is not yet actively participating, you could always tell them about Enrichment Through Archaeology.  Alternatively, if you home educate, or your child wishes to pursue Archaeology outside of school, I can provide 1-1 tuition leading to a recognised qualification such as GCSE or A Level.  Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Your child/ren may also be keen to join the Young Archaeologist Club (YAC) run by the Council for British Archaeology (CBA), the only UK-wide club for 8-16 year olds with an interest in archaeology.  There are plans to set up a branch in the High Peak so watch this space.

In the meantime, why not explore the links below…

BBC Hands on History    Horrible Histories    Council for British Archaeology    CBA Young Archaeologists’ Club

I am now listed on the CBA’s database of tutors.

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