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A tale of two exhibitions. Part 1- The Celts: art & identity

Catherine and I recently had the chance to visit the British Museum to catch two of their featured exhibitions – The Celts: Art & Identity¬†and Egypt: Faith after the Pharaohs. Sadly, no photography was allowed in the exhibitions. The first … Continue reading

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The Celts – who were they and why are they in the spotlight?

This month could well be called ‘Celt month’ as a new exhibition, documentary series and book all aim to re-paint a picture of what we know about that ancient yet enduring group ‘the Celts’. So, who were the Celts? Well … Continue reading

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Archaeology in Anglesey – There’s just so much! (Pt2)

Ok, as promised, here is some more of the archaeology we got to see in Anglesey on our weekend away! As last week we focused on the historic period, this week I think it only fair we look at some … Continue reading

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Iron Age Orkney – follow The Cairns Project now!

Thank goodness for the internet. Can you imagine the trouble we’d have catching up with excavations from all corners of the country without it? I say this as a really interesting project has just started this season’s dig. In archaeology-speak … Continue reading

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Stone Age to Medieval – now that’s a multi-use site!

Down in South Devon a team of local enthusiasts and volunteers have just completed a two week excavation of a site which looks as if it could have a really interesting mix of finds! It all began when Howard Jones … Continue reading

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